Waking up noises: I love the sounds the kid makes when he wakes up happy. Not so much when he wakes up sad. :)

Happy tears: I think that happy tears are much better than any other kind.

Kisses: today I caught the dog and the kid giving kisses. It made me laugh, weirded me out a bit, and then made me laugh again. So cute, but so disturbing.

Myomed: I'm advertising here. Best muscle cream ever. I can move!

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: for breakfast... need I say more?

Walking: it actually is amazing how walking around is helping me to get the movement back into my life. My poor back has been out of it, but now I'm feeling like a spring chicken. Okay, not quite, but close enough that I don't care.

Leda: she helped the kid during kindermusic today so that I could sit on her couch. Good good woman.

Sisters-in-law: I'm truly blessed to have an amazing extended family. My cute sis brought us dinner tonight. The funny part, she had NO idea that lasagna is in my top 5 favorite foods. Yay for her!

Husbands: today was a little rough, but as soon as he came in the door he became super man and took over, playing with a frustrated kid, trying to rub out my back so I could move, doing everything so that I would start to feel better. Love him.

Sitting a lot: I am sitting a lot... not moving as much as possible. Nap time was interesting today, as it didn't happen... but at the end of the day it is cool that I have a little boy that loves me enough to snuggle with me on the couch and pat me when he thinks I need to feel better.

Cereal: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Chocolate: it makes you feel better when getting off the couch isn't an option.

Weddings: do you know that there are over 50,000 weddings planned for today? People want the date. I think it's hilarious and pretty cool as well. I mean, if your husband can't remember today's date, he's in a bit of trouble.

12 weeks: today I'm 12 weeks along. It is the end of worrying that things will go horribly wrong. I'm grateful for that.

Backs: I threw out my back... it wasn't pretty... isn't it amazing how many things are connected to each other in your body and you don't realize it until something goes horribly wrong? We'll see how this goes.

Susie: my parent's left for Peru today so I get to play with their dog Susie for two weeks. She's such a sweet, well behaved dog, and Bug LOVES her. Today he has laid down in bed with her and crawled into her kennel with her. I'm sure that is the beginning of a fun two weeks for both of them.

Food in a pumpkin: so tonight we were with our beloved friends and the dinner was this yummy concoction placed in a pumpkin and baked. It was pretty yummy!

Sleep: I think that it is pretty amazing how sleep can make you nice when nothing else can.



Friday nights: I love to cuddle up to my husband after a long week. It makes the rough parts kinda go away. I love him, he is my rock, my best friend, and the man I can cry to. I'm sure thankful that he hasn't turned tail and run away yet.

Dreams: I had a great dream about a very cute little boy. I'm not sure if I this little peanut is a boy... but if it is, I'm hoping he will be as cute as the little boy in my dream.

The locking button on the fridge: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Every fridge that has a water dispenser, needs to have a lock button so that little boys who are in love with water don't spend their lives soaked to the bone, but happy as a clam dancing under the water stream.

Going to the Dr: I'm finding that this pregnancy I'm a lot more relaxed about a lot of things. I'm not as worried everyday that I'll loose the baby... so it makes going to the Dr a lot more of a happy thing. I got to see the baby today. It was a very good day.

Mom's: my mom took the kid so that I could go to the Dr in peace. I don't ask my mom to tend a lot because she's not a babysitting grandma (I'm totally cool with it) but coming into her house to the sound of laughter was a great thing.

The Book of Mormon: I started reading it everyday with the kid (after TV church) and now he will bring me the book and grunt so that I will read it to him some more. We say a prayer after reading and he will fold his arms and bow his head... while staring at me the whole time. Classic!

Cloth diapers: I've come to appreciate them for a whole new reason, you see, my kid loves to dump his water everywhere... he loves to pour it on himself the most. So those wonderful cloth diapers have come in handy yet again with how much they pick up and how much they hold... of water this time around.

Cameras: I have one that I should use a lot more often. I'm trying to re-commit to taking more pictures. Here's for at least thinking of it today. :)

Monkeys: my house is covered in monkeys. From the stuffed animals to having them on cloths... they are everywhere... good thing I like them so much.

Dancing: I've taken to dancing in the mornings with Bug. It makes both of us happy as I crank up the music and listen to his laughter.

Chapstick: I think that there are a lot of things in life invented just for me. My dry skin and lips... amen for chapstick.

Changing of the leaves: I love, love, love watching the colors of fall. They are my happy colors. They make my little heart sing.

Ugly dolls: as I sat and looked at Bug dragging around Ox (his ugly doll) I just giggled inside over how great the characters are. I really think I'm going to get another one for the new baby... now to decide which one the little peanut will get.

Climbing: as the house gets quiet, I can only imagine where the kid has gotten to now... the top of the table? The countertop? Inside a drawer? The top of the piano... the sky is the limit for this kid.

Yoga blocks: there not just for yoga anymore... apparently they are stepping stones to get to places the kid knows he shouldn't go.

Snacking: as I sit for the second day of TV church, I love to have a bowl full of snacks. What can I say... I love food.

Zofran: it is my friend. I love that it makes it so that I only throw up once a day instead of several times a day... (this pregnancy is kicking my trash! ...as I sit here and dream about the food I used to be able to eat.)

Microwaves: you never really think about all the little gadgets that have been invented over the years until you're reminded that you're just grateful they exist. Having lunch ready in 1 minute is genius!

TV church: twice a year my church holds a semi-annual conference. It's where members throughout the world go to meeting houses, stake centers, the internet, and if your lucky, your own family room to watch general conference. I am one of the lucky that gets to roll out of bed and watch from the comfort of my own home. I grew up going to our stake center in Michigan... so I've done both, but I far prefer being on my couch. I love these conferences! I love listening to the prophets give us encouragement, tell us of their love, and sometimes, lovingly kick us in the bum. I look forward to it every October and April as I know I will hear something that will bless my life.

Toys: they keep the kid occupied while I watch TV church.

Crock pots: they make the food while I watch TV church.

October: as a kid when the first day of October would come, I would get instantaneously happy. I knew that the holiday season was coming, and in my small little mind that meant my birthday! I still get happy in the beginning of October because I know the holidays are coming. In my life the holidays are filled with love, fighting, sibling tiffs, chaos, great memories, not so great memories... you name it, I've dealt with it during the holidays. (Haven't we all?!) And yet no matter what, no matter what I know could potentially come from them, I sure do love the holidays. I think it is because it reminds me that as a whole, people are innately good and that we should focus a little more on that, then focusing on the other things that come because we're human.

Being long winded... apparently I am. :)

Half hour naps: not the best thing in the world for little boys who need sleep.

Thursdays: I love Thursdays. I really don't know why. I think it's because the end of the week is in sight and I know I only have one more day to make it through before the weekend. I'm so grateful for that.

Lotion: it's the time of year that lotion plays a very important role in my life. You see I have the skin of a lizard, or an alligator... take your pick... and lotion is my happy relief from the yuck of scales.

Nose suckers: the kid has had this horrible nose runny thing going on... he got two molars so I guess that's reasonable for him to be snot nosed... but I sure do love those sucker things. He can breath for 10 minutes at a time until I have to suck it out again.

Shock: I was shocked today when I looked up my blogs and realized that this one hadn't been updated in a month! A MONTH! So now I am going to spend some time over the next few days updating all of October and into November... sorry I've been such a slacker! I've been sick with this pregnancy and can attest to the fact that when you feel sick, you don't want to do ANYTHING!

Cookbooks: I've found that even though the internet is the world at my fingertips, I still love a good cookbook. I love to actually flip the pages, imagine how long it would really take me to make whatever it is that has caught my eye, and then drool over the pictures... I don't buy the ones without pictures... learned my lesson on that one. :)

Reading to my kid: I love that every morning like clockwork the first toy my kid reaches for is a book, he will bring them to me and we will sit and read together. I hope he continues to love books.



Listening to the kid talk to himself: so, when the kid first goes down for a nap he will either be very mad at me, or he will sit and talk to himself. The talking part is very cute... I appreciate those days.

Chocolate milk: I've been drinking a lot of this stuff lately... somehow it never gets old to me.

Good memories: I've found a lot of old friends on facebook lately. Some of them I friend, others I just smile at the memories.



Wallets: this morning G woke up thinking that he had lost his wallet during his dirty dash escapade. After many searches through the house he resigned himself and went to work. He canceled cards, got a new drivers license... the whole 9 yards... only to find his wallet tonight before bed. HILARIOUS!

Dreaming of a car: today I spent dreaming of a car. Not just any car, one that wont be the death trap that is my husband's car. I would love to trade his in and stop worrying about when it's going to die.

Dragons: I was thinking today that flying on the back of a dragon would be cool, and a lot faster than normal transportation.



Sad: today was a sad day. I had to lay on the couch since everytime I got up I started cramping badly. We're both fine... but it was still a long day.

Words: little D today was trying so hard to talk. It was hilarious to have him look at everything and say, "this?" wanting to know everything and do everything.

Little bums: the kid got away from me today without a diaper on... so funny and cute! Good thing he didn't have to go potty, cause then it wouldn't have been half as cute!

The Dirty Dash: today G went up and participated in the dirty dash. It's a charity race, but on steroids. He got to go through a 5 mile obstacle course in mud. He loved it and it was a good experience for him.

Playing with a giant puppy: so today I got to play with a gladiator puppy. (Half Mastiff, half Great Dane!) This little girl is going to be a HUGE dog! It was fun to play with her, and she had a beautiful coat, but boy am I glad that I'm not the mommy of that puppy! She's going to be bigger than me in a few months!

Test driving: I know we're going to have to get a new car soon, G's car is on it's last legs... so tonight Birch and I went test driving. It was a lot of fun with Birch, she and I have fun doing qwerky things together. It was fun, and now I think I know what I want. :)